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Alma Autism – supporting and journeying with families and churches to assist, include, support and raise awareness of the spiritual needs of Autistic people

Alma Autism is based in London offering online support, home visits and reaching out to churches all over the country with talks and seminars

Alma Autism was created due to the lack of awareness and support for the spiritual needs of autistic people. To find out more about us, click on the button below. 

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Due to Covid-19, we're unable to provide any services in person. However, we are happy to support you over the phone, by email, and even do online courses. Please contact us to find out more.

Support online contact us on almaautism@hotmail.com



Kirstyn has a very deep knowledge of autism, how it affects the individual and the family as a whole. She strives to find ways to support individuals and families so that they can thrive. Kirstyn is dedicated and always prepared to listen. The conferences and events that she has organised are done to a very high standard. Her autism awareness day in Deptford was well organised and attended and allowed the general public to begin conversations around autism. The sensory rooms that she has created at church events have been amazing and well used by children. Alma Autism is doing great things to help create a better world for those on the autistic spectrum and this shines through in all that Kirstyn does. Thank you Alma Autism!

Any time spent with Kirstyn is always valuable. Her ability to recognise the individuals involved and yet still see the bigger family picture is very special and not something we’ve experienced often. We are a family of 5 with our eldest being an autist. Kirstyn has helped us with general day to day strategies and her passion for seeing all people included is evident in every conversation.



"We asked Alma Autism to provide a Sensory Room at a Salvation Army South London area gathering we were organising in 2017. The success of this was evident by those who happily access the service and their enjoyable experience and also in the positive feedback comments received following the event.  This has lead us to once again request and book Alma Autism´s expertise for 2018 and 2019 event."

The Salvation Army
South London Division


About the Founder of Alma Autism

Kirstyn Oliver, MA

Kirstyn Oliver is the founder of Alma Autism. She found her passion and purpose in life which is to work and support people with autism when she was 21 years old. She has had many years of experience working with autistic people in a variety of different settings (mainstream school, in specialist schools, in home settings and in the community). She has worked as a therapeutic companion, a teaching assistant, and a behavior therapist both in England and Brazil. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Santos in Brazil and a Master´s degree in Autism Studies from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. Her interest in the spiritual needs of people with autism began whilst researching about Faith, Spirituality and Autistic People by reviewing which UK policies considered the spiritual needs of those on the Autism Spectrum. Sadly, the outcome was not good news. Therefore, she felt she needed to do something about it. Bearing in mind that spiritual needs are part of the quality of life domains. Her big dream is to raise awareness in churches and communities about how we can fulfil and support the spiritual needs of autistic people and what that looks like for them and their families. 

Kirstyn Oliver,  BS, MA

The name "Alma Autism" derives from the portuguese word "alma" which translated means "soul". The essence of Alma Autism is to support the "soul of autism". Focusing on the fact that every single person, autistic or not, has a soul and spiritual needs. Sometimes spiritual needs are met through a sensory intervention. This is where the slogan comes in "Sense the Soul".



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Support autistic people to fulfill their spiritual needs by:

- Providing training and workshops in order to expand people's knowledge about autism;

- Raising general awareness through events and conferences; 

- Helping autistic people and their families, providing information and therapy.




Meeting Needs



Why we do what we do

What we believe in

We believe that spiritual needs can be met and supported, not exclusively in the church building or services.



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