Family Support

Each autistic person is unique and every family has their own lifestyle and daily challenges, therefore support is individualised according to your needs. Click below to find out more about the different options you could choose from.


Home Visits

If you are looking for support with communication and challenging behaviours at home, thinking about early intervention, needing advice on what route to take / how to get support on a diagnosis, thinking about whether the diagnosis is correct or if you´re not even sure where to start. This consultation is for you, to guide you in the right direction and put everything into better perspective.


Routine and schedules are extremely important in the everyday life of some autistic people.


Sensory diet

Sensory sensitivity and difficulty in processing information are differences autistic people may experience. Find out more and the strategies that can help. We also do sensory parties for kids. Ask us for more details.

Online consultation

If life is busy and you´d prefer to have an online consultation, contact us via our email

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