• Kirstyn Oliver

Coronavirus and home schooling... Don´t panic.

For all parents out there who are already anxious about what tomorrow might bring, worried that the kids are going to get bored, discouraged by the amount of homework and confused as to how technology works in order for them to do it. For all parents who are anxious about the uncertainty we face of how long this will last and for those who have so many other fears and concerns, this is for you…

The kids will soon settle; They are as uncertain as we are, and their stress can be shown through many different behaviours, for the majority of us we´re looking at kids who are hyperactive bouncing around the house because let´s face it, it´s only been 1 weekend and they´ve had an outburst of energy.

There are so many different online activities to do, so many creative people sharing videos and live streams of singing, dancing, exercising and so much more. Let the kids have fun with this.

There is also so many different blogs, ideas, and again people sharing all over social media different ways of doing things with kids and how to occupy them. Go for it, try something out.

Homework; This seems to be a gloom for all parents. Home schooling, did you even sign up for such a thing? Don´t stress, you´re not alone, some many other parents are in the same boat and don´t even know where or how to navigate it. Take it on board when you´re all calm, rested and feeling less stressed. It´s important to take a break and all just chill before getting stuck into what kind of math it is, or what history book you´re going to dig out.

Remember, during this time, you´ll be teaching you´re kids so much more than what´s in the text books, so don´t take that for granted. Enjoy the time together and make memories too. Teach them basic skills they need to develop and teach them about love, patience and hope too.

Just a sweet reminder parents, you´ve “survived” every half term, every 2 week Easter holiday and most importantly you´ve survived the 6 week summer holiday before. So you can do it again this time. Maybe in a slightly different way, but you can do it.

Don´t do it on your own, keep in contact (by phone, social media, email) with other parents, with your friends and family, with those who you know will encourage you, will give you ideas and who will be a support for you even at a distance.

Technology isn´t everything, but make the most of it, let your kids video call their friends, let them also keep in contact with their peers. It´ll give you a free 20 min and it´ll do their mental wellbeing good too. Then go back to your childhood days and remember what adventures you got up to when technology didn´t exist.

Stay home, do your part in keeping everyone safe, and dedicate this precious God given time to your little ones. Be with and for them. You won´t always get it right, however, don´t be too hard on yourself, just do and be the best you can. Be present and available. Time will fly and you´ll come out the other end of this with an even deeper relationship.

Be kind. Take care. Love and be loved by your little ones.

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