• Kirstyn Oliver

Mothers are the Flowers in our garden of life.

God created both the flowers and our mothers. Just like flowers, mothers are all unique and beautiful in their own special way.

Each and every one, flowers and mums, need different environments to flourish. Some need more sun light than others. Some need more water than others. Some are put in vases, others in soil and then you have those in the ground.

Just as there are different types of flowers for different seasons in life, a mother can have a different role for different seasons too. Many mums, at times, are the playful mum, the first aid mum, the cook mum, the cleaner mum, the laundrette mum, the professional mum, the cheerleader mum, and the list goes on.

Independent on what season of life we are at or in, as a child, teenager or adult, mums (again like flowers), always provide a sense of happiness, joy, calm and beauty.

Flowers are there for us in moments of grief and sadness, some might say they help the pain go away just like a mother’s kiss on a graze or cut when we fall over, somehow it magically makes the pain go away.

Flowers are also given to us as a celebration and thanksgiving. Mother’s are always caring, loving and supporting their children in the good and happy moments too. They are vibrant and beaming when a child celebrates a goal or achievement in life.

However, sometimes, just like flowers, mum’s will become tired, overwhelmed, in need of a refill or something to refresh their soul.

Again, just like flowers sometimes need a refreshing refill of water in their vase or the soil watered, a mum may need a refreshing soak in the bath, some peace and relaxation after the hard, heated, tiring day, not necessarily from the sun but from everything in the environment.

Flowers need the appropriate amount of sun light and so does a mother, maybe it’s a beautiful walk in the park, maybe it’s something tangible that brightens up their day, they too need this, as life can many a times turn into a cycle of routines and light, bright, warmth encouragement doesn’t always turn up on the doorstep.

We need to care for our mums. For all mums. Motherly figures. Motherly loving and caring people who are kind enough to do things for others without expecting anything in return. People who are with us in every season of life, people who brighten up our day, those who not only celebrate with us but also take the pain away. Those people need our love and care too. They need a refreshing refilling and renewing day, hour, or few minutes once in a while.

How do you care for your flowers?

How do you care for your mums?

How do you care for your neighbours (those close by or further away)?

Flowers don’t always look their best, but with a gentle loving word, a refill of water and a bright spot can make all the difference.

Flowers, and yes mums too, are forgiving. No matter how much we have neglected them or taken for granted their lives and their love in the past, today is the day to restart and give them what they really deserve.

Thank you to all mothers and motherly figures out there.

You are loved so much, even if words aren’t used to say it.

Wishing you all a beautiful Mother’s Day this year.

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