Seminars and Talks

Whether it´s a small talk on “what autism is and how we can include autistic people in our church” or if you´d like a whole seminar (day or weekend event) that challenges you and your community and/or church to think more about how we accept autistic people in our society, what their spiritual needs are, how we view the ‘image of God’  and all about inclusiveness, unity and diversity. You´ve come to the right place. Get in contact with us, we can arrange together what best suits your event.


1h-2h sessions

Small talks

"What is Autism"
"How can I best support people with Autism"
"What does church look like for people with Autism"

"Supporting families and children with autism in our church"
"Sensory Church"
"Children with autism and Sunday school"

"People with autism have spiritual needs too"
"What are we doing as a church"
and more...

Day or Weekend events

Seminars / Conferences

A variety of sessions based on Spiritual needs of people with autism.
Starting with an introduction of what Autism is; how we view the image of God in others; on to other sessions based on spiritual needs, and how the church and community can include and accept people with autism.

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